Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To the lucky readers of this post...

You've just won yourself an official golden ticket to our new blog!
While we can't promise mountains of candy, 
everlasting gobstoppers,
 or a lifetime supply of chocolate, 
we'd still love to have you visit and catch up on our latest and greatest.

hugs & squishes-
Looking forward to having you in our new digs!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Y'all didn't know you was in Mayberry, now did ja?

Happy Halloween Folks!
We're big dresser-uppers around here- especially on Halloween!
We're also big fans of themes, so it took us a while to settle on the 'perfect' family costume,
but we finally decided on the cast of 
The Andy Griffeth Show.

Weren't sure Reese would get on board with our idea- in fact she seemed determined to flip out everytime we mentioned her character- Barney Fife- with an "I'm not a BOY!" argument,
but about a few hours before it was time to leave,
once Ryan got her dressed,
I heard her calling from the back room in a sharp, totally Barney voice,
"Andy!  Now where's my HAT, Andy?!"

That was when I really knew it was going to be as perfect as we'd hoped.

We also taught her some key Barney phrases such as
"I'm gonna write you a citation!"
"No jay-walking!"
and this little gem-
"Nip it in the bud- NIP IT!"

They were all a huge hit with the folks handing out candy.

My dear and hilarious friend Alexa was a PERFECT Little Red's Granny, 
so naturally she and Aunt Bee had to have a quick photo-op.

We decided to do a replay of last year on the hood of the car, and these two were just a riot- making each other laugh harder and harder the whole time I was snapping away.
LOVE these little monsters!

We had a blast at the Trunk or Treat with all of Reese's little friends from church and school, and came home with quite a sugar stash!

Hope your Halloween was just as great!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Journey through Pumpkinland

Last week the kids and I took a tour of the annual pumpkin walk with my fabulous sister-in-law 
and nieces and nephew.  It was a gorgeous fall day, the displays were awesome,
and the kids especially loved the character-board cutouts!


No surprise that this was Sam's favorite pumpkin- Iron Man, you rule our world.

Well done Pumpkinland, well done.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


There's just something about tiny wrinkled toes that have spent too much time in the tub...

...and a mess of wet hair paired with crooked smiles and footsie pajamas.

Despite all efforts, it just melts your heart.

Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm a bit of a broken record, but...

There are a whole lotta things I love in life, 
but few rival the amazing man I married,
the munchkins I squish daily,
and Logan Canyon in the Fall.

I know I just went on about said canyon only a few weeks ago, but I just can't HELP myself!
Besides, around here we have to soak up these glorious autumn days in a hurry before the snow sets in.

Anyway, behold the beauties of Second Dam. . .

This is a beaver chew- evidence of local beavers- 
it was quite the exciting discovery for Thing 1 & Thing 2!

At one point of our walk Reese wanted a leaf, and when Ry bent down to snatch one she piped up with,
"No, no no Dad!  I want one of those!"  
Of course she was pointing to the very top of the tallest tree around.

Don't fret, dearest, we'll be back again soon!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hey everyone- look at my chest!

 Well, folks, I'm here to show off and shout hip hip hooray for a successful DIY!

Back in high school I received a hope chest for my birthday from my parents,
and until just a few months ago the pretty thing was still waiting for 
its first coat of paint.

I decided on this gorgeous mint-
doesn't it just make you swoon?
I think my reaction at Home Depot probably freaked the kid out a bit.

No worries, apron-wearing paint boy, the giddy gasp and slight perspiration was for 
this sultry color- not you!

Once I got the first coat on I knew I needed something more to make that design pop.
So I dug deep, got brave, and entered the furniture glazing world.

Which was actually WAY easier than I anticipated.

Thank you All Things Thrifty for your awesome Glazing 101 post & how-to videos!
I decided to try out Martha Stewart's Metallic Glaze in Black Coffee. 

Totally loved it.

I realized I didn't take as many detail shots of the rest of the chest to show off the antiquing job,
but here's a shot of how much the front design pops now.

I'll try to get a more pics up here soon, but until then, 
here's what she looks like nestled into our front room!

I am so smitten.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thirty Candles

Well, it's official, both of us are now thirty-year-olds!

Ryan started it all off with a chilly fishing excursion,
enjoyed a day of classes, and come evening
we rung in Ry's new decade with a delicious dinner at the Beehive Grill.

Oh, and a REALLY large mug of Beehive Brew rootbeer!

Once we got back, one of the best parts of the whole day happened.
I decided that the kids could give Ryan the new Avengers movie,
so I popped it into a gift bag and sent them into the front room each holding a handle.
What I hadn't planned on was Sam peeking into the bag, realized what he was carrying,
and, after a huge gasp and ear-to-ear grin, decided to claim the treasure as his own.

When we urged him to take it over to Ry,
this is what happened...

One heartbroken kid.

Ryan was eventually able to coax him into his arms- as long as he didn't try to take the movie! 
Luckily, we got it all under control before our friends arrived 
to share some pistachio fudge birthday cake.

Take a look at all those candles!  
No worries, we had the fire extinguisher handy. 

Happy Birthday, my love!
You are an incredible husband,
a stellar dad,
and the most amazing man I know!

And you make me laugh til I weep-
love you so, Hot Stuff!